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Food for Thought: How to Address Evolving Regulatory Issues with Cloud-Based ERP

Evolving compliance concerns in the food and beverage industry demand powerful and flexible ERP solutions capable of both meeting current challenges and managing new regulatory frameworks.

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Solving for X: Seven Benefits of Sage X3 for Manufacturers

Sage X3 cloud-based manufacturing ERP software can help deliver exceptional results across your organization. Here’s what sets it apart from the competition.

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Time to Move Your Wholesale Distribution Software to Cloud?

Supply chain and distribution is changing as consumer expectations, inventory management and reporting expectations evolve. Cloud-based wholesale distribution software offers total package potential to overcome key challenges.

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Process Manufacturing ERP: Five Best Practices for Selecting New Software

While there are often key indicators that it’s time to upgrade your process manufacturing ERP solution, how do you choose a best-fit replacement? In this guide, we’ll cover five best practices for selecting new software

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Go From R&D To Production With Control

You spend a lot of time and money in research and development to perfect the products that your customers need. Once you get your new product ‘just right’, you want to get them to your customers quickly. Whether you are in biochemical, petroleum, or process chemicals for other applications, you need to make sure your product is properly mixed each and every time. Control the quality of your products as well as meet compliance and traceability standards with the right enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.

Developing new products and fine-tuning existing ones isn’t as simple as making a few changes to your formula or recipe and running it through production. It takes a lot of planning, labor, and some level of trial and error to get a product ‘just right’. By the time you are ready for full-scale production, you have a fixed formula or recipe, process requirements, and an expectation for specific product characteristics or specifications. Miscommunication or inaccurate processes during production could result in wasted raw materials and bad batches – an expensive mistake.

IWI Consulting Group Inc.

Sage® EM (formerly known as Sage X3) offers features that process manufacturers could use to get product ideas from research and design to full-scale production with greater efficiency. In both the planning phase and full-scale production, you can use the Product Life Cycle Management features to monitor the cradle-to-grave details for your product. Strategize your suppliers, inventory costs, and production costs so that you can develop the products your customers want, at a profit that keeps you in business. When you are ready for production, you can use radio frequency tracking with barcodes and scanners to monitor raw materials from the time they are received at the warehouse until they are used in production. Maintaining accurate, reliable inventory levels will help you keep a close eye on the impact to your financials. You can optimize your supply chain and inventory levels as well as keep an eye on profit margins. During production, your team can follow specific recipes and process instructions to meet quality and regulatory standards so that the final products meet requirements.

Get your products from the research phase to production with greater control and accuracy by using better technology. Contact IWI Consulting Group for more information about using a solution like Sage EM (formerly known as Sage X3) to streamline process manufacturing activities.

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