Take Your Business to the Next Level
with our Standard Implementation

Where can your business processes evolve to better meet staff and customer needs? From financial operations to business intelligence, CRM and ERP, there’s always room for improvement.

Full standard implementation services from IWI Consulting – an authorized Sage partner offer a pathway to sustained and streamlined success. Here’s how.

Advantages of Standard ERP Implementation

Choosing full standard implementation backed by IWI Consulting’s expertise and experience offers multiple advantages, including:

Single source of truth

Our ERP solutions provide a single source of verified data truth to empower consistent and comprehensive operations.

Complete system visibility

Gain total visibility into system operations to provide insight about payroll, customer service, accounting and employee workflow processes across your company.

Scalable growth

Our solutions are ready to grow with your business — start small and then scale up as needed as processes become more complex.

Reduced data duplication

Minimize the amount of data duplication across your company to reduce storage space requirements and eliminate redundant processes.

Improved workflow

Improve employee workflow with on-demand access to key solutions and services anywhere, anytime.

The Standard ERP Implementation Framework

Ready to get started? Here’s a quick overview of the full Sage implementation framework.


        Preliminary evaluation

        We start with an evaluation of current company objectives and operations                                                            to understand your existing solution structure.


                                 Needs analysis

                                                                                  Next, we collaborate with your team to identify key needs and the commensurate Sage solutions capable of reducing operational friction.


       Implementation plan presentation

We then create an implementation plan that’s presented to your team for evaluation and analysis.


                                   Pilot and test

                     Pilot and testing are next — our experts help your team deploy targeted Sage services to see what’s working and what needs improvement once we go live.


          End user training

End user training ensures that your team is equipped with the skills and confidence                          necessary to make best use of Sage solutions.


Go Live

                             Last but not least? It’s time to go live. Along with user-to-user training and live data                                             conversion, this phase also features go-live assistance to ensure your Sage X3                                                     deployment meets — and exceeds — your expectations.


        Ongoing solution review

At IWI Consulting, we’re committed to continuing support with a 3-month follow up meeting,                          quarterly review calls and ongoing yearly reviews.

Start Your Transformation Today

Ready to level up business processes across your organization to improve operations, reduce redundancy and drive ROI? We’re here to help. With more than two decades as a trusted Sage partner, IWI Consulting has the experience and expertise necessary to help you tackle any process challenge — and find your best-fit solution.

At IWI Consulting, we’ve earned a reputation for helping companies find and implement their best-fit Sage business management solution.
As a trusted Sage partner for 20+ years and with more than 500+ customers, we can help your organization identify and address common challenges such as:

      • Lack of interoperability between multiple systems
      • Operational needs that exceed current capabilities
      • Over-reliance on legacy solutions such as Excel
      • Abundance of time-consuming manual processes
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