Complete Human Resource Solution to Get More from Your Employees

Improve Effectiveness of Your HR
and Make Better Decisions

Centralize and streamline your human resource operations, optimize the employee journey and enable your agile workforce, our HRMS/HRIS system can be deployed either on-premise or on cloud



Help yourself and your employees better understand your company’s strategy and structure, as well as everyone’s role in achieving organizational objectives


Save countless hours and piles of paperwork by moving benefits to open enrollment online Cut the costs and complexity of benefits administration by securely automating the communication of employee benefits enrollment data to health insurance carriers


Get accurate, timely, in-house payroll processing as well as access to your current and historical payroll information, at any time, without any barriers. By preparing your own payroll using automated software, you stay in control.

Paperless HR

Enable your employees to request time off, review pay history, update contact information, and more—with just a few mouse clicks

Time and Attendance

Collect, analyze, and take immediate control of your employees’ attendance and labor data— online and in real time. An intuitive, 100% web based solution that integrates seamlessly

Transform Your HR Processes with Sage HR Solutions

Sage Intacct By IWI Consultancy Group
Sage Intacct's core financials includes everything you need to increase productivity, make faster decisions, and grow your business.

  • Multi-entity management and global consolidations
  • Project accounting
  • Time and expense management
  • Sales and use tax
  • Check delivery service

Sage HRMS By IWI Consultancy Group
Manage HR information based on your company’s unique structure and needs. Easily organize workforce data, track all types of benefits, manage OSHA incidents, and run an array of management and U.S and Canadian government reports to ensure compliance

  • Employee Self Service
  • Benefits Enrollment
  • Recruiter and Training
  • HRMS Alerts

Find out more about HR automation with the Sage HRMS human resources management system

Advanced HR Analytics

Improve time to insight by 75% with reliable, data-driven decisions underpinned by advanced analytics and empowered by customizable dashboards

Comprehensive Compliance

Compliance with provincial and federal labor regulations is critical to ensure continued operations. Modern HR solutions offer active risk mitigation and compliance monitoring to improve reporting accuracy and reduce potential errors

Targeted Talent Acquisition

You need to find the best people, faster - but changing market forces mean this is no easy task. HR software empowers you to both identify current talent pools and target key skill sets for new staff

Single Source of Truth

With all HR data in one place, your team can easily monitor employee records, manage personnel actions, administer benefits and ensure HR compliance company-wide. Manage employee data end-to-end and empower your agile workforce with advanced HRMS.

Streamlined Schedule Management

Missed hours and untracked overtime come with significant operational costs. Streamline attendance and schedule management with cloud-based HR software that’s flexible, scalable and easy to use

5 Ways CFOs Can Increase Project Profitability

Five important steps your firm can take to achieve, preserve, and enhance project profitability

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