Transform your HR Processes with Sage HRMS


Powerful Reporting and Analysis

At the core of the Sage HRMS human resource management system is a full complement of HR, training, and recruiting capabilities. It comes complete with hundreds of standard reports, industry-leading Crystal Report® Writer, customizable templates, and an easy-to-use query tool. It also includes employee self-service and benefits enrollment to automate workflows, streamline routine employee requests, and improve efficiency and productivity. An integrated database feeds a seamless flow of information to continuously deliver time and money savings.



Manage HR information based on your company’s unique structure and needs. Sage HRMS allows you to easily organize workforce data, track all types of benefits, manage OSHA incidents, and run an array of management and Canadian and U.S government reports to ensure compliance.

Sage HRMS Attendance

Track all types of paid and unpaid time off plans such as illness, leave of absence, and vacation with flexible, intuitive setup.


Sage Employee Self Service

Provide employees, managers, and administrators with a central location for viewing and managing personal data and company information, including time-off requests, current benefits, and training history.


Sage HRMS Benefits Enrollment

Empower employees to make their own benefit elections and life events changes via the Internet or intranet using easy, step-by-step wizards.


Sage HRMS eRecruiter

Manage applicants and requisitions with this Web-based system that features paperless workflows, online applications, screening questions, and integration to major job boards.


Sage HRMS Training

Define training needs for each job track, manage certifications, and automate the scheduling and logistics of training programs.


Sage HRMS OrgPlus

Automate the creation of complex organizational charts, perform “what-if” analyses, and communicate structure changes.


Sage HRMS Alerts

Monitor your Sage HRMS database, specify actions, and trigger e-mails that send automated messages and keep employees informed about key activities and pending issues.


Sage ERP Accpac HRMS ToolKit

Customize Sage ERP Accpac HRMS by creating an unlimited number of screens and fields to track information you specify.


Sage HRMS Link

Exchange data between Sage HRMS and other human resource and payroll systems.

Contact us about how your business can improve productivity, envision success and accelerate growth with Sage HRMS. It’s time to turn your business dreams into reality.

Sage HRMS: Overview

Everything HR Taken Care of in One Place
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