Increases Your Bottom Line with Sage Fixed Assets


From Acquisition to Transfer and Disposal

Tracking fixed assets is a must if you are running a business of any sort and a simple misstep can lead to major penalties. The chances of human error while tracking your assets in Microsoft Excel is a definite possibility so take advantage of Sage Fixed Assets and rely on the latest rules and regulations delivered through updated technology.


Managing Depreciation

  • Gain access to more than 50 depreciation methods including MACRS 150 percent and 200 percent (formulas and tables), ACRS, Straight-Line, etc.
  • Ensure compliance with government regulations, integrates with popular general ledger systems, and comes with more than 30 out of the box reports.
  • Gain the ability to allocate cost and depreciation for an individual asset or groups of assets to more than one funding source, decision making tools to ensure GASB 34/35 compliance, and the ability to create budgetary books for asset budgeting projections.


  • Easy-to-use “wizards” walk you through every step of the inventory process, helping to eliminate lost or stolen assets and reduce insurance and, if applicable, tax over-payments.
  • Track over 40 fully customizable fields so that YOU can control data entry with notes and images to clearly describe each asset record.
  • Tracking integrates seamlessly thus allowing you to track Depreciation and eliminating double entry


  • Create custom access profiles with built-in security settings for specific product features and projects
  • Look at your organization across all projects at the project, line-item, and transaction level as well as at-a-glance status updates with built-in reports
  • Handle expenses easily with the ability to copy, move, and split line items
  • Tie project balances to your general ledger with point-in-time reporting
  • Import invoices and other purchasing information from your Accounts Payable system
Improve productivity, envision success and accelerate growth with Sage Fixed Assets for your business. It’s time to turn your business dreams into reality.

Sage Fixed Assets: Product Brochure

Manage Your Company with One Powerful Business Management Tool

Minimize your manual processes by integrating your disparate systems to gain the most from your software investment. Get a complete integrated ERP system


eCommerce Integration

Seamless integration with the eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce, Shopify and Amazon.

Warehouse Optimization

Warehouse key operations are optimized by suggesting the optimal path and bins for picking or receiving.

Real Time Exchange Rates

Automatic update of any currency exchange rates update from different sources like Bank of Canada and XE.


Production Floor Integration

Real time production floor control of the operations. Browser and device agnostic based application easy to connect with scanners.

Shipping App Integration

Syncing the shipment details in Shipping software to shop around for the Freight costs across the carriers available in market place.

Datalinx Warehouse Manager

The Datalinx Warehouse Manager for Sage X3 (WHM X3) application is designed and developed to deliver the key warehousing functionality...
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