Sage X3 - Powerful Yet Simple.
Flexible, Yet Cost-Effective

Safe X3 Ontario with IWI Group
Sage X3 ERP Software – Shop Floor Control By IWI Consulting Group
How does it Help?

1 Ease of use for Shop floor employees
1 Real time data
2 Shop Floor Tracking

Watch the Sage X3 ERP software demo for shop Floor control.

Achieve Greater Business Insight and Visibility with Sage X3

Unite data access across departments including inventory, human resources, accounting, finance, manufacturing, and distribution. Companies with better access to data grow faster and reduce inefficiencies from labor costs to delivery times. Sage X3 puts data in your employees’ hands faster.


Take Control of Your Entire Business

  • Get more done in less time. With centralized data, you can check on inventory, take orders, approve expenses or pull up-to-the-minute reports to make informed decisions on the spot.
  • Get the insight you need, when you need it. Monitor everything happening in your business and dig deeper to reduce costs, manage risk and identify opportunities with Sage X3.
  • Take back control over your processes. Integrate your business processes into a series of workflows that support a single, coherent system.
  • Go where your business takes you. Business is no longer confined to the office, so you need to put the full power of a first-class Sage X3 solution in the palm of every employee’s hand.

Expand into New Markets

  • Gain new customers by improving the service you provide and deliver results faster and at a lower cost
  • Staying competitive and attracting customers in new markets means finding new efficiencies
  • Sage X3 delivers the speed and efficiency your organization needs to monitor performance, cut costs, and improve your growth strategy

Increase Productivity and Build Profits

  • Harness your business data to improve results across the organization and meet your industry’s challenges to grow the business through
  • Insight into customer relationships to help you expand existing and new sales channels
  • Functional support to expand your business across locations, languages and currencies
  • Simple and flexible software that gives employees the tools to improve their productivity

Cut Costs with Sage X3

  • Sage X3 uses visually-driven workflows in an intuitive interface that’s easy for anyone to quickly understand and interpret.
  • Sage X3 puts the data that your organization collect in your employees’ reach with efficiency and simplicity to help you improve your decision making.
  • Get Sage X3 and other Sage software in Canada to speed up your core business processes and increase productivity
  • Sage X3 lets you automate tedious tasks and communications. Time consuming tasks bloat your operating expenses and create waste
Small and medium-sized businesses with Sage X3 reduce their operating costs by automating the flow of information.

Sage X3 ERP supports a wide range of industries with its industry ready solution, including but not limited to:

Sage X3: Product Brochure

Uncover the real benefits of a automation and data exchange solution

Go Live in 39 Man Days with a pre-configured system at less cost or take your business to the next level with our Standard implementation

Rapid Implementation

Get your business management solution up to speed with IWI Consulting’s Rapid Implementation.
  • Enhanced control
  • Improved workflows
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced support requirements

Sage Full Implementation

Take your business to the next level with full Sage implementation.
  • Lack of interoperability between multiple systems
  • Operational needs that exceed current capabilities
  • Over-reliance on legacy solutions such as Excel
  • Abundance of time-consuming manual processes

Minimize your manual processes by integrating your disparate systems to gain the most from your software investment. Get Sage X3, a completely integrated ERP system


eCommerce Integration

Seamless integration with the eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce, Shopify and Amazon.

Warehouse Optimization

Warehouse key operations are optimized by suggesting the optimal path and bins for picking or receiving.

Real Time Exchange Rates

Automatic update of any currency exchange rates update from different sources like Bank of Canada and XE.


Production Floor Integration

Real time production floor control of the operations. Browser and device agnostic based application easy to connect with scanners.

Shipping App Integration

Syncing the shipment details in Shipping software to shop around for the Freight costs across the carriers available in market place.

Datalinx Warehouse Manager

The Datalinx Warehouse Manager for Sage X3 (WHM X3) application is designed and developed to deliver the key warehousing functionality...
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