Fast Track Your Performance With our Sage X3 ERP

Sage Rapid Implementation

Go Live with Sage X3 ERP in 39 Man Days

Get your business management solution up to speed with IWI Consulting’s
cost-effective Rapid Implementation.

Key Benefits of IWI Consulting’s Rapid Implementation

The Sage X3 Rapid Implementation program doesn’t just reduce time to deployment — it also comes with a host of business management benefits, including:

Enhanced control

Accelerate and manage all parts of your value chain — from procurement and manufacturing to sales and service — with enhanced control driven by complete data visibility.

Improved workflows

Leverage role-based dashboards, automatic task functionality and dynamic event reporting to streamline user workflows and reduce complexity.

Increased productivity

Do more, more quickly with Sage X3 by deploying easy-to-use applications tailored to user roles and accessible using their preferred mobile or desktop device.

Reduced support requirements

Self-monitoring systems and self-service reporting tools help reduce the need for onsite and outsourced support while simultaneously controlling costs.

The Rapid Implementation Framework

At IWI Consulting Group, we’re ready when you are to get started with Rapid Implementation. To ensure your Sage X3 deployment delivers the best fit for your organization, we’ve created a five-step framework:


This pre-Rapid Implementation phase assesses your IT readiness, identifies key success metrics to help align Sage X3 deployment with current business solutions and evolving strategies.


In this stage, IWI Consulting experts prepare the Sage X3 Rapid Implementation solution to support your core business needs and ensure it satisfies specific process requirements.


The setup phase starts with adjustment — the pre-configured Sage X3 deployment is adjusted to align with current process. Next, data is imported from legacy systems and integrated into your X3 deployments.


Control provides in-depth testing and training to ensure Rapid Implementation solution is performing as expected and that key users have the knowledge they need to manage the system at scale. This stage is critical for streamlined adoption and provides your team with the skills they need to manage and modify X3 deployments over time.

Go Live

Last but not least? It’s time to go live. Along with user-to-user training and live data conversion, this phase also features go-live assistance to ensure your Sage X3 deployment meets — and exceeds — your expectations.

Get (Fast) Started Today

Ready to take your business management processes to the next level with our Rapid Implementation? IWI Consulting Group –  an authorized Sage partner can help.

With more than 20 years serving businesses as a Sage partner in Canada, our team has the experience and expertise to help streamline your Rapid Implementation deployment and leverage the latent advantages of your biggest asset — data.

Sage X3 is a next-generation business management solution that empowers your company to do more, more quickly. From digging deeper into data to reduce costs and identify new opportunities to taking more control over existing processes, Sage X3 has you covered.

For many companies, however, deployment remains a challenge, with concerns around effective integration effectively putting the brakes on any X3 adoption.

Our Rapid Implementation changes the game. Using a fixed set of services with available a la carte add-ons, Our Sage X3 Rapid Implementation guarantees delivery in 39 man days, helping your team get business management practices up to speed more quickly — and easily — than ever.

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