Sage 300: Powerful Functionality
Real Time Insights into Your Organization

Sage 300

Sage 300 - Global ERP Solution

With Sage 300 Streamline internal operations, accounting processes, workflows, asset management, and communications to help your sales, marketing, finance, and operation as a single team, with Sage 300.


Real-Time Data on Any Device

Sage 300cloud (formerly known as Accpac) delivers company data to any device quickly and securely.
  • Cloud-based software that automates workflows and puts data within reach across departments.
  • Connects sales, distribution, manufacturing, wholesale, and every department in your company.
  • Never experience delays again because of access to data. Have it ready on premises and online whenever and wherever you need it
  • Support multiple languages and multicurrency transactions

Take Control of Your Entire Business

  • Designed to give you more control over your business results while keeping your total cost of ownership low
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction through more formalized business processes
  • Automated workflows, faster access to data, and streamlined accounting, inventory management, CRM, and human resource management

A Strong Foundation for Growth

  • Integrates your operations across the company for streamlined, end-to-end financial management
  • Identify issues early, make an accurate analysis and take timely action to improve performance using integrated business intelligence and reporting
  • Improve productivity by reducing time-consuming manual tasks and accelerating business processes with automated workflows
  • Control processes and track the data needed for compliance and risk management

Add users and adopt greater functionality as your business grows. Connect processes from each part of your business, securely and in real time to ensure consistent, efficient operations

Sage 300 Cloud (formerly known as Sage Accpac) supports a wide range of industries with its industry ready solution, including but not limited to:

Sage 300 Cloud: Product Brochure

Manage Your Company with One Powerful Business Management Tool

sage 300

Go Live in 39 Man Days with a pre-configured system at less cost or take your business to the next level with our Standard implementation on the Sage 300

Rapid Implementation of Sage 300

Get your business management solution up to speed with IWI Consulting’s Rapid Implementation.

  • Enhanced control
  • Improved workflows
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced support requirements

Sage 300 Full Implementation

Take your business to the next level with full Sage implementation.

  • Lack of interoperability between multiple systems
  • Operational needs that exceed current capabilities
  • Over-reliance on legacy solutions such as Excel
  • Abundance of time-consuming manual processes

Minimize your manual processes by integrating your disparate systems to gain the most from your software investment. Get Sage 300, a completely integrated ERP system


eCommerce Integration

Seamless integration with the eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce, Shopify and Amazon.


Warehouse Optimization

Warehouse key operations are optimized by suggesting the optimal path and bins for picking or receiving.

Real Time Exchange Rates

Automatic update of any currency exchange rates update from different sources like Bank of Canada and XE.


Production Floor Integration

Real time production floor control of the operations. Browser and device agnostic based application easy to connect with scanners.

Shipping App Integration

Syncing the shipment details in Shipping software to shop around for the Freight costs across the carriers available in market place.

Datalinx Warehouse Manager

The Datalinx Warehouse Manager for Sage X3 (WHM X3) application is designed and developed to deliver the key warehousing functionality...
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