Improve How You Interact and Do Business with Your Customers

Cloud-based or on-premise customer relationship management tools enable your business to better engage with consumers and meet their evolving expectations.



Target the right customers at the right time. Get the most from your marketing spend. Are your marketing campaigns delivering the right results? More targeted campaigns ensure a higher return on your investment, faster. Our marketing tools enable you to:




  • Plan marketing campaigns with precision, track the results and run reports within minutes
  • Manage a marketing campaign across multiple channels
  • Track new leads and sales opportunities
  • Collect data and provide analysis to improve your next campaigns


Focus your performance. Empower your sales teams with more opportunities – Focus your sales team on working on the right business, at the right time. CRM customers have increased the productivity of their sales teams by up to 40%, helping to improve sales performance across their business – in the office or on the road – and making informed business decisions every day. By taking a systematic approach to sales, you can:

  • Prepare for important sales meetings by accessing important customer data ‘on the go’
  • Follow compliance and ‘best practice’ routines using the integrated workflow engine.
  • Track the performance of your sales teams using out-of-the-box sales reports


Automating customer service. Your customers are the lifeblood of your business – Nurturing customers and providing them with an excellent customer experience will improve your retention rate and drive growth. As a growing business that puts customers first, CRM features can help you:

  • Retain existing customers & generate repeat business
  • Cross-sell & up-sell your products and services to existing customers
  • Use valuable information about existing customers to find new ones

Connect with customers and boost your bottom line with our CRM solutions

Transform How You Manage Your
Customers with Sage CRM Solutions

Take your client relationship management to a new level with Sage CRM.

  • Sales Automation: Take complete control of your sales pipeline by empowering sales teams to manage effectively
  • Marketing Automation: Track the ROI of your marketing programs by automating, tracking and analyzing every marketing campaigns
  • Customer Care: Make the most of every customer interaction by ensuring customer satisfaction

With Sage CRM, you can better manage your business by integrating field sales, internal sales, customer care, marketing information and much more.

Enterprise Resource Planning and accounting software designed for small and medium-sized businesses in manufacturing, distribution, finance, services, retail, non-profit, and many other industries, with this you get:

  • Powerful functionality
  • Greater flexibility
  • Real time insights into your organization

Sage 300cloud connects your entire business, including customer relationship management, inventory management, human resources, and accounting, with an integrated solution.

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